Scavenger Hunt Adventure



RALLY 2019


The Overlander's Challenge Game you have been waiting for!

Are you adventurer enough?

Come test your navigation skills, outsmart the other teams, and win prize packages totaling over $3,000.

Did I do the waypoints in the optimum order, did I take the picture correctly, why is that team going in a completely opposite direction? A timed event event that puts teams to the test. 

All that is needed is a car, a team mate, a smart phone with GPS and the will to WIN!

Overlander Project Short Sleeve T-Shirt



Registration is available online or at the event. Each team is given a set of way points and off you go. Within a set time period, move to each location, take a picture as described in the waypoint hand out, post to social media and move on to the next waypoint. The team with the most waypoints completed will be in the winner’s circle. The challenge is building a route that gives you enough time to complete each way point and get the pictures taken and uploaded. Strategy first to become the winning team.  


The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize packages. 

(Total prize packages exceed $3,000)


Look for us in a town near you. Contact us for putting an event together for your 

club/business/school/organization. The ultimate team building exercise


Local establishments, contact us, if you want your business included in our route building.

Product Sponsors, contact us, to be included in our prize pack for the Ultimate Overlanding Challenge.

See if you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Overlander!


All traffic laws must be obeyed. This is NOT a race. This is a challenge.